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Up, Up & Away!

TravelWe all need to get away. Whether it’s a long weekend or even a night away from each of our own everyday realities. Stay in a hotel room and order room service and not care how messy your room gets. Do it! Go out and explore the town or stay in bed and watch TV all day. It’s a change in the environment that does wonders for me. Of course, I miss my bed, my shower, my cats and my familiar surroundings when I’m away but it’s good for the soul to experience new places.

It felt so good to unplug and not have to worry about my everyday realities. I almost felt like it was a crime because it felt so good Lol! (No, I am NOT supporting illegal criminal acts, ha!).  One day I got in the rental car and drove around town and also had my very first experience at Publix!  Publix has great salads and they sell wine!  Being from NJ, the concept of being able to purchase alcohol in the grocery store is foreign and non-existent to me.  Even though I did spend 4 years in undergrad down south, I am forever a Jersey girl, no matter where I go.  I got lost driving there and also went the wrong way once I did get there, in the parking lot. All of this to be expected while traveling to a new place.

There are many aspects that I do LOVE while traveling — new places, new faces, new surroundings, new food, and just new EVERYTHING.  We all lead a different way of life and it’s nice to see how others live and to see what’s important to others.

Traveling also makes you appreciate home so much more.  Daily, we are caught in the middle of life’s knick knacks and do not have time to appreciate anything except maybe bedtime (even that is pushing it!).  We are controlled by our schedules, to-do lists, and demands.  When we travel we sometimes long for home, a place that feels familiar to us and we can finally appreciate it.  I know sometimes while traveling all I want is to walk into the hotel room and see my bed and my shower that I have at home.  Those are what I long for the most while traveling.  There is nothing better than your own bed and own shower!

Traveling is so important. You don’t have to travel to a different country or even a different state to call yourself a traveler. You can travel to the next town or county over, a place that you’ve never been before. It’s crucial to see how others live and to see how the world operates outside of our secluded bubbles.

Everyday stress, bills, work, struggles, etc., will always be there.  They will all be waiting for us when we return.  But you will return a different person because for a short while you were forced outside of your comfort zone and thrown into the unknown.  Whether it’s travel or not, being thrown outside of your comfort zone is the best lesson that life will EVER teach us.  We are forced to adapt to what is around us at that moment.  We then become better as individuals.


  1. The best vacay we ever had was when we had 0 service because we were in the mountains !! I love getting to take in the culture of where we travel !

    1. That sounds amazing!!!

  2. I’ve been wanting to take a family vacation this summer. I’m hoping we can go somewhere in September. I agree with you, vacations are greatly needed!! And I LOVE Publix!! I wish we had one in Michigan. When we lived in Tennessee, we shopped at Publix all of the time!!

    1. Yes!!! Enjoy your vacation :)!

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