This post almost did not happen. Why? Because I was hesitant about sharing it. Why? Because I am human and I do not always enjoy sharing ALL of me with others. But, in the blogging world, you have no choice! Once you hit “publish” there you go! You can “censor” what you share through blogging but what’s the point? Blogging is basically therapy in writing, why hold back? You NEVER know who you may be helping or who may need to see your post. We never realize the impact that we have on others’ lives, it’s remarkable! 
I recently decided to make a few changes in my life because I wasn’t the happiest camper around and I knew that something needed to change and fast! I was introduced to the program called 21 Day Fix last April. If you aren’t familiar with the program it’s a program that helps with portion control and exercise. 7 — 30 minute workouts and 7 colored containers to help with portions. Each colored container pertains to a food group and based on how much you weigh and other formulas, you are allotted different colored containers daily. You may be allotted more containers than another. The colors are red (meat*protein), green (veggies), yellow (carbs), purple (fruit), blue (healthy fats*nuts) and orange (seeds & dressings — you get 2 of these). So for example, you may be allotted 2 reds, 4 greens,  3 yellows, 3 purples, 2 blues and 2 oranges. All of your meals (breakfast, lunch, dinner & snacks) are all based off of that, your container count. I have had much success with this program and have completed it 3 times! Then, 2 months ago, I decided that still something wasn’t right and something again needed to change.

I decided to take a leap of faith and become a Beachbody Coach! This was completely foreign to me and I was interested in it before becoming a coach but I never inquired about it because I “assumed” it would be too expensive and would require more time that I had or more time than I was actually willing to give. Boy was I wrong! I am so grateful for my coach who introduced me to the 21 Day Fix program and to the world of coaching. She answered all of my questions and turned all of my doubts into realities. It’s completely affordable, not just for me, but for anyone! It requires ANY of the time you are WILLING to invest in it. You get back what you put in. Although, it’s only been 2 months (almost 3), it has been eye opening and has really changed my life, for the better. I see no reason for me to ever look back to pre-coaching. There is just too much good that comes out of this and I know that my future is so bright because of Beachbody. The main reason I became a coach is because I wanted to better myself and in turn I knew that I would strengthen my current relationships and also strengthen my new and future relationships. As a coach, I mentor others on their health and fitness journey while also mentoring myself. I have committed to working out daily and to eat clean and healthy (90/10). As a coach, I encourage others to do the same and to help them realize they can do anything they put their minds to and that NOTHING is impossible. #youareenough

And here comes the raw, nitty-gritty truth. I was not who I was meant to be, before coaching. I was also searching, searching for things to make me happy. I realized that I needed to start with myself. I needed to make myself happy. Not other people and definitely not material things! Okay, yes it’s been 2 months (almost 3) but I have seen such a transformation in myself. In Beachbody, they HIGHLY recommend coaches to partake in a little thing called PERSONAL DEVELOPMENT. Whoa!!! I don’t need any development, I am FINE, THANK YOU! Ha! I have never been more wrong in my life. I was a HOT MESS! And some areas still need improvement. Hey I’m a work in progress! (A little secret — we all are!). No one is perfect and never will be! Hardcore truth. 

I like to call myself a Type A person with a Type A personality. I always need a plan from A to Z and if something or someone interrupts my plan, it causes major anxiety for me. I need a plan and a daily routine, I cannot do things on a whim and I do not like relaxing. I basically plan my tomorrow the day before, along with my meals and my clothes. Yes it’s ridiculous sometimes. And that is where personal development comes in! I didn’t know just how much of  HOT MESS I was and sometimes still am! I have come face-to-face with many of my flaws since becoming a coach. The flaws that I swore I didn’t have and the flaws that I knew I had but was just too stubborn to admit. I used to point out flaws in others while clearly ignoring my very own. I was too busy trying to cut and water other people’s grass when I needed to focus on my damn grass! How dare I point out others flaws?! Other people’s flaws are none of my business nor my responsibility. But for some reason I used to think otherwise and swore up and down that I needed to fix people and that they were going to be who I wanted them to be. HA! A little piece of advice –> please don’t do this, it never ends well! 

Since I am committed to sharing what I normally wouldn’t, I would like to share with you some of my (many flaws). But before I do, I would like to share — we are all perfectly flawed and beautifully broken. We all have flaws but we also have great qualities (which we need to focus on more often). Now to my flaws –> stubborn, impatient, moody & quick to answer. Those are just a few that I wanted to share but I am working, daily to improve these flaws. My great qualities –> loyal, funny & multi-tasker. We have to address our flaws as well as our great qualities (that’s just as important!).

It is very true that we are bothered the most by the things others do because we do the exact same things! I have only just discovered this through personal development in the form of podcasts and books. For the past 2 months (almost 3) personal development podcasts have become a normal morning and after work routine for me. I cannot go a day without. It has helped me SO much and I am loving this journey that I am on, discovering new and exciting things about myself daily. I am learning to accept myself for me, something that I wasn’t able to do before. I always wanted to be someone else (I use this as a generic term) and never just who I was. 

Since becoming a coach, I have broken up with the practice of comparing myself to others and I only compare myself to the person that I was yesterday. I am happy to say that I wake up every day now excited to be ME, flaws and all! We will never be anyone but ourselves so why waste your life wishing you were someone else? Just embrace YOU and be YOU! You Are Enough!

Until next time <3.

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