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Turkey Taco Cups

 If you follow my blog on the regular, you know that I LOVE tacos and I am always looking for more ways to enjoy them. My sister shared this recipe with me and I couldn’t wait to try it!!! After a thorough search of my cabinets, I found an “As Seen On Tv” product — Taco Bowls!! They are the best invention and super, super easy to use and clean. Before this picture was taken, I tried this recipe using a muffin pan and I wasn’t very successful with it ;(. I am horrible at measuring and cutting things to form. More power to people who rock in that department!! So if the muffin pan works for you, use that muffin pan! Whichever option you use, I promise you that you will not be disappointed!!
1 lb ground turkey
2 – 4 tortilla shells (soft)
1 avocado
Variety of spices
Shredded cheese (your preference of kind and amount)
Taco powder mix
Variety of veggies
Muffin pan OR taco bowls (as pictured)
1. Cook ground turkey until done. *Drain if necessary. Add taco powder mix according to package. Add your desired spices. Put aside.
2. Preheat oven to 375 (varies depending on oven).
3. Put tortilla wraps in muffin pan (you’ll need to cut to form to shape) OR form in taco bowls.
4. Bake tortilla wraps in its desired holder for 5 minutes or until hardened.
5. Once tortillas are cooled add ground turkey, avocado, veggies and shredded cheese. Top with plain Greek yogurt.
6. Enjoy!!


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