Turkey & Cheese Sandwich

Who doesn’t like a classic turkey and cheese sandwich? Sounds like comfort food to me, just like grilled cheese. Okay let’s get back on topic. I have taken the classic turkey & cheese sandwich and have “spiced” it up a bit! I have recently discovered a quaint little Amish Market not far from my house. I have always loved the Amish and I am so happy that I have access to all of their delicious, fresh food right under my nose. All of these ingredients I have used are fresh or homemade from the Amish Market but you can also find them at your local Farmer’s Market (which I love to frequent as well). Before I get into the basics I have a confession — I recently began eating/liking avocados full time and I shamelessly put them in everything, well just about everything .

What You’ll Need/What I Used
Fresh homemade loaf of wheat bread
Fresh maple deli turkey
Fresh spinach
Fresh avocados
Fresh yellow American cheese
Cut two hearty slices of wheat bread from the loaf. Wash a few spinach leaves and place on each slice of bread.
Place a few slices of maple deli turkey on each side on top of the spinach.
Wash, cut & peel half of an avacado. Slice the half and place the pieces on top of the maple deli turkey then put one slice of yellow American cheese on one of the piles of goodness. Close and cut either straight down the middle or diagonally.
*You can use any dressing or condiments you’d like. I prefer my sandwiches dry. I’m a simple girl what can I say.
Bite into your masterpiece and enjoy!!

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