Taco Salad

I have never actually eaten a taco salad until I whipped one together tonight! I like my tacos the traditional way, in a soft shell with all the fixings and a side of tortilla chips and cheese 🙂 But as summer is very, very quickly approaching I am re-evaluating what I eat. I am being more health conscious and am actually finding it fun trying new recipes. This recipe is very easy and I found a few options on Pinterest and put my own little twist on it. This recipe is very easy and healthy so it’s a plus 🙂

Taco Salad

1 lb ground turkey
1 packet taco seasoning (I used low sodium)
1 small avocado
1 handful of greens mix (I used romaine, spinach and kale but again feel free to use whatever greens mix you’d like!)
1 can of Goya black beans 
1 cup brown rice
1 small red onion
1 teaspoon of plain Greek Yogurt 
1. Cook ground turkey until browned, drain and add taco seasoning and 2/3 cup water. Mix seasoning and water in. Place to the side once done.
2. Heat up black beans over stove. Place to the side once done.
3. Cook brown rice either over the stove or in the microwave. Place to the side once done.
4. Wash greens mix. Place in bowl, cut up onion (I used only a corner and put the rest in the fridge but again use as much of the onion as you’d like!).

5. Add a little bit of each: cooked beans, cooked rice and cooked ground turkey into the bowl with the greens mix, onions and avocado.

6. Put a teaspoon of plain Greek Yogurt on top of salad. *I use the plain Greek Yogurt in place of sour cream and it’s delicious!
I put the rest of the beans, rice, ground turkey, onion and avocado and greens mix in the fridge for leftovers. I’m actually taking some for lunch tomorrow. *A little secret — I have never been a fan of avocados but I know the nutritional value they hold so I did what I needed to do and forced myself to try it AGAIN, tonight 😉 
P.S. They don’t taste bad when mixed in with other food.

Enjoy :)!!

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