Taco night!

I love good old fashioned, homemade tacos. But over the years I have decided to alter the traditional (to me) taco recipe. I now use ground turkey instead of ground beef. It’s easier on my stomach (as you will learn from this blog, I have a funny stomach and I have to get creative in order for me to eat, ha!).

1 lb ground turkey (I have even tried ground chicken, yum!)
Tortilla wraps (I use whole wheat)
1 Packet taco seasoning (I use 25% less sodium but you can use any kind you’d like)
A mixture of toppings i.e. red and/or white onions, spinach or lettuce, plain greek yogurt (I use this as my sour cream and it’s delicious, tastes just like it!), any color bell peppers, shredded cheese (I use cheddar, but any kind is fine)

Directions: Cook ground turkey on stove, drain when done, put ground turkey back in the pan and add taco seasoning (exact measurements are on the packet). Mix together and serve with tortilla wraps and a multitude of toppings! I also like to use tortilla chips to make my own version of nachos.

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