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Snowpocalypse 2016

Are you stuck inside this weekend because of the Snowpocalypse 2016? Don’t fret! There are plenty of things to do if you’re snowed in ūüôā It’s also important to take care of the essentials before hunkering down; food shopping, plenty of bottles of water (just in case your pipes burst!), flashlights, batteries, candles, lighters and blankets. This list is a combination of activities that involve power and some that do not involve power. Hopefully your power DOES stay on and you can do most of what is on this list and if not, be sure to have candles and flashlights (and batteries) handy so that you can improvise!!¬†The list also is dependent upon what you have in your house or apartment already (supplies and what not).
101 Things To Do While Snowed In:
1. Netflix
2. Braid your hair 
3. Cook chili, roasts, etc. (use what you have in the fridge and cabinets!)
4. Bake cookies, cakes, pies, etc. (use what you have in the fridge and cabinets!)
5. Laugh
6. Laundry
7. Clean 
8. Read
9. Write 
10. Exercise 
11. Camp out in your living room
12. Build a snowman
13. Snowball fight
14. Indoor grilling
15. Yoga
16. Puzzles
17. Scavenger hunt
18. Blog
19. Hide-and-go-seek
20. Paint your nails
21. Arts and crafts
22. FaceTime
23. Skype
24. Video games
25. Shovel snow
26. Clean off your car(s)
27. Dye your hair
28. Take a bath
29. Reorganize your room(s)
30. Reorganize your closet(s)
31. Cuddle with your pet(s)
32. Cuddle with your significant other
33. Job search online
34. Plan/book your next vacation
35. Make homemade ice cream
36. Play football in the snow
37. Write out Thank You cards
38. Crochet
39. Knit
40. Sew
41. Balance your check book
42. Apply for a job(s)
43. Play dough
44. Plan a budget
45. Respond to emails
46. Send emails
47. Make a recipe book
48. Adult coloring books
49. Go through old clothes
50. Go through old shoes
51. Do your makeup
52. Play with your hair
53. Drink hot cocoa
54. Build a snow fort
55. Make a snow angel
56. Plan a wedding
57. Play cards
58. Drink wine
59. Board games
60. Research/apply for colleges
61. Research/apply for graduate schools
62. Research/apply for law schools
63. Research/apply for medical schools
64. Scrapbook
65. Coupon
66. Plan a party
67. Take pictures of the snow
68. Watch old home videos
69. YouTube
70. Video the snow
71. Make a To-Do List
72. Make a calendar
73. Make a photo album
74. Grade papers
75. Post grades
76. Nap
77. TV
78. Paint your room(s)
79. Clean your room(s)
80. Clean your closet(s)
81. Wrap birthday gifts 
82. Make candles 
83. Paint mason jars
84. Dance 
85. Shred old papers
86. Go through old photographs 
87. Your taxes 
88. Research how to start your own business 
89. Start your own business 
90. Give yourself a haircut
91. Relax on the couch 
92. Relax in bed 
93. Drink green tea 
94. Apartment search 
95. House search 
96. Car search 
97. Research adopting a cat and/or dog
98. Rearrange your living room 
99. Crossword puzzle 
100. Make jewelry 
101. Learn a new skill

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