S, P and Q

S, P and Q.  S=Sausage   P=Peppers   Q=Quinoa

One of my favorite dishes! I have been raving about a new food that I tried, all over my social media. Quinoa! It’s damn delicious! I never had any desire in the past to try it so every time I was in the rice aisle I would just by-pass it and head straight to the rice. A good friend of mine convinced me to try it because she would constantly rave about it and talk about how versatile it is. My sister also played a role in my trying of this new foreign (to me) because she had mentioned it in the past but I would never really pay it any mind. I would not pay it any mind because I could not pronounce it, EVER! Haha, so I thought why try a food that I cannot even say? My sister would always correct me when I did not have any desire to every say it correctly. 

Now I use this amazing versatile food in EVERYTHING! Literally — in my eggs and a rice substitute. It can be used in desserts and baking as well. Now, Quinoa by itself is bland, just bland! So I would highly recommend that you mix it with other foods. They also sell different flavored Quinoa so sometimes the task of seasoning is already done for you. My other friend recently gave me Quinoa with olive oil, something as simple as olive oil gives this ancient grain so much flavor. 

This recipe  uses 3 simple ingredients. 

1 bell pepper (I used red, but use whatever color you prefer)
2 small sausage links (Any kind — I used Italian, but feel free to use turkey or pork)
1 bag of already cooked Quinoa (Only use the amount you prefer. You can also use the Quinoa that you have to cook first — which is good as well)

1. Cook sausage (Cooking times depend on what kind of sausage you used).
2. Heat up Quinoa in microwave — 90 seconds! (If you have the Quinoa you have to cook first, follow the cooking directions on the back of the bag and use the amount you prefer).
3. Cut up bell pepper into small bite size pieces.
4. Put all ingredients together and enjoy!

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