Pita Pocket

Pita Pockets should be the only bread for a sandwich (at least in my opinion). I absolutely love them!! They are 100 calories a “pocket”. I prefer the Whole Wheat. Pita Pockets are my go-to for sandwich bread for lunch and I’ve even made a pocket for breakfast a few times. My ultimate favorite pocket that I recently made was a turkey pocket with spinach and avocados! It was delish! Preparation is so very easy!

What You’ll Need
Whole Wheat Pita Pocket (I use Arnold)
2 or 3 slices of deli turkey (Any brand or flavor you prefer! I used fresh deli turkey from the Amish Market)
A handful of spinach 
Half of an avocado (cut into small pieces)
Use only one half of the pocket and add your ingredients. 
*You can also toast your pocket for the recipe if you prefer.
I have also tried the pocket with:
Scrambled eggs with crumbled up pieces of turkey bacon.

Cut up pieces of cooked and seasoned chicken breast with fresh mozzarella and spinach. I also toasted the pocket.

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