Yoga is good for the soul. Yoga can heal you. Yoga can teach you.

I know I’ve blogged about yoga countless times but I cannot get enough of its benefits and I feel that I’m doing the world a disservice when I don’t share it.  Even if that means having multiple posts about it.  Each post is different and unique in its own right.

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Every time I go to yoga, I am challenged.  Challenged to step outside of my comfort zone and to embrace the unknown.  Every time I go to yoga I fight.  Fight to stay the same.  Fight to stay right where I am.  Fight to stay comfortable.  No growth has ever occurred inside one’s comfort zone.  No, growth can only occur outside of one’s comfort zone.  How can one learn if they are always ONLY around what they know?  You cannot!  Once you make yourself uncomfortable that is when you learn and grow.  That’s what yoga does for me.  It makes me very, very uncomfortable, at times.  I put myself in poses and positions that I would rather not be in.  I do this so that I can grow as a yogi but also as a person.


I honestly hate being uncomfortable but I know it is for my own good for me to continue to put myself in those uncomfortable situations and to step outside of my comfort zone.  It helps if you STAY outside of your comfort zone.  I mean don’t go back into your comfort zone, stay outside of that bubble and see just how much you can learn.  I plan on doing that by trying new things and doing something different each day.  Maybe adding something different to my daily routine.  I find myself becoming complacent very easily so that’s why yoga is so great for me because I am NEVER complacent in yoga, it’s always a new challenge.

Namaste <3.DSC_0372


  1. I’m definitely a yoga lover and believe that it can help so much with so many aspects of health. It’s so hard for me to get a chance to do it regularly now with two little ones. I definitely miss the peace, challenge and calm that it brings me.

    1. Yes so many!!! I believe they have yoga classes for mommy and kids, maybe check your local yoga studio. Could you do yoga at home or find a babysitter for about an hour and get a quick class in? It makes me said when people who had yoga in their life cannot fit it in anymore 🙁 but I understand that life happens to us all but yoga keeps my life balanced. I’ll be honest, I didn’t get a chance to get to yoga this week but I’m aiming to start the week off on my mat on Sunday night. It’ll be a hot yoga class, my favorite! I feel so much better and I can feel when I need yoga (my anxiety and stress seem unbearable). But I’m so happy that I was able to connect with a fellow yogi, thank you for reading 🙂

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