My New Years resolution is…

How many times have we heard that during the last month of the year? Probably more times than we count on both hands! You will also start seeing gym commericals telling us to join their gym at a fairly low price to honor your resolution. “Do you have a New Years resolution? Join our gym for this one time only (until next New Years) low price!” What a dangerous trap that is. I fear that people will only join the gym because it’s a New Years Resolution and it won’t last long, at all, simply because it was started for the wrong reasons. “It’s a new year I want to go to the gym more and eat better!” Why does the birth of a new year have to spark that in people? I believe it should be the birth of a new day, a new hour. Every day is a ‘new year’ to me and  every day I am working to be better than I was the day before.

It’s a personal journey. A journey that could and should take place on the other 364 days of the year (and sometimes we get an extra day for Leap Year!). Why wait until January 1st? Why not start your personal journey whenever you feel is right, don’t wait on a day that is littered with false hope and others’ promises to themselves. Start your personal journey on a day that works for you.

Honestly, every day of the year for me has been a personal journey. A journey to stay fit and healthy and to just be a better me to myself and the people in my life. I’m going to be honest again–it hasn’t been easy, it’s been really hard and I’m going to pull the Human Card. Yes I am human, which means I mess up, I make mistakes and I don’t always come up being better than I was the day before. But I realized something along the way this year–I am a work in progress. I must learn to be patient with myself and to trust my journey. I also realized that everyone else on their journeys are human too, they mess up and and they make mistakes too. I have to water this thought every day in order for it to grow — LEARN TO BE PATIENT WITH OTHERS. That’s it, be patient. Believe or not — WE ARE ALL WORKS IN PROGRESS. We are all human.

Every day should be a new year and we should all strive to be better versions of ourselves. Whatever that may entail; we all require different parts. But at the end of the day we all deserve patience.

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