Meal Planning & Prepping

Ah the dreaded meal planning & prepping 🙂  I for one LOVE doing this every Sunday evening for the whole entire week.  It saves me so much time and restores my energy and sanity.  I know not everyone feels the same way and actually detests this whole process.  I am telling you today that you no longer have to worry about the process and that I am here to help.  Please see below the intricate details to how I always seem to master meal planning & prepping every Sunday evening.

I research recipes on Pinterest on Saturday evening or early Sunday morning and go food shopping Sunday morning.  If I’m lucky and have all of my meals planned by Saturday evening I can also go food shopping the same day.  I always plan out my breakfast, lunch and dinner for the whole entire week.  I make my breakfast in the morning and my lunches and dinners on Sunday evening.  I package all the food in tupperware containers and store in the refrigerator so that I can just grab and go when necessary.  It has helped me so much over the past few months and I cannot imagine doing anything else on Sunday evening.  It also helps that I love researching on Pinterest for everything, including recipes :).

I can and I will take the guess work out of this seemingly tedious process for you.  All you have to do is do the food shopping and the cooking.  I will be providing the recipes based on what you tell me that you need and instructions on how to put it altogether! I will also provide a meal prepping calendar and even a grocery list!  Does this sound good to you?! I cannot wait to get started and to help you have a hassle free meal planning & prepping experience :). I will be charging a fee based on what recipes you would like and how much time it takes me to research and put the calendar, grocery list and recipes together.  

See example of a meal prep calendar, grocery list and recipes below 🙂 Send me an email and we will get started right away!

Example Meal Prep Calendar