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Let Them Eat Cake!

Do you remember when you were a little kid, you wanted to try any and everything that the world had to offer?!  That is the blessing of curiosity.  I truly believe that everyone should carry that blessing with them into adulthood.  Life, as we know, can be rather mundane at times and we all need random spurts of adventure.

My sense of curiosity is both a blessing AND curse.  I’m always on the hunt to try new things but that also means I often times spread myself too thin. I’m always being hit with great, new ideas that I want to try.  I’m always thinking of ways to improve and better myself as a person. Also, ways to enhance the skills that I already have to make what I’m putting out to the world better.  There is ALWAYS room for growth.  We never stop learning.  Well…we shouldn’t ;).

I believe that our sense of adventure begins as children. We all have it but some don’t tap into it due to overthinking and being too cautious.  Some are afraid of rejection and others are afraid of failure. We as humans will always fail, multiple times, but it’s the moments that we get back up that matter most and learn from those failures.  I would rather fail 1,000 times trying new things than hiding in a corner quivering in fear and waste my life thinking about the “what ifs”.

I’ve recently, over the last month have honed in on a certain motto “F Fear!”. I’m no longer that girl who wonders what will happen. Everything I dream of, I’m going to accomplish in one way or another. Life is TOO short and has way TOO much to offer. I cannot afford to miss out because some of my biggest lessons and blessings have come from me failing and/or stepping outside of my comfort zone.

I have so many new and exciting things that I’m about to dive into in my life and I cannot wait to see where it all takes me. I will be sharing my journey along the way, so stay tuned ;).


  1. I agree with you that no one should every stop learning! I am always taking courses and reading books to hone my blogging and business skills. Learning new things is usually fun for me!

    1. That sounds like fun! Enjoy :)! I love learning new things.

  2. LOVE this mama!! xoxo!

  3. Love this. There’s always more to learn and grow from.

    1. Couldn’t agree more ?

  4. Completely agree, we can learn so much from our kids and their unlimited curiosity is definitely one of them!

    1. I know! Kids can teach us SO much!

  5. Awesome attitude! This is such an encouraging read!

    1. Aww thank you!!!

  6. So awesome! Love the “F fear” attitude!

    1. Haha thank you ?

  7. Learning is so important in life!! I totally agree.

    1. OMG yes. I cannot go a day without wanting to and actually learning something new.

  8. Learning is a lifetime adventure!! Great post!

  9. Can’t wait to hear more about your journey away from fear! Get out there and explor and learn. Awesome!

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