Calling all Yogis! ?

I love, love yoga and love is an understatement.  I started doing yoga (dvds) while in undergrad about 6 or 7 years ago.  I thought it would be a fun and easy workout.  Well I was right about one thing — fun, but easy it was NOT!  The practice of yoga is just that — a practice!  And practice makes perfect.  It requires patience, patience and more patience. Yoga focuses on breathing and breathing through your poses (connecting your breath with each movement).  Yoga is about connecting with your inner self (yes this sounds corny but it’s the truth!) and being in the moment, not worrying about the yogi to the right or left of you, not worrying about how “stupid” or off balance you look in a certain pose, not worrying about the time or the errands you have to run, but really being in that exact moment.  
This may also sound corny but yoga honestly has changed my life, for the better.  Whenever I feel stress or anxiety, my body literally craves yoga.  It helps me so much to relieve stress and just to focus on me and only me for that 75 or 90 minutes.  And you know what? I feel better and extremely grateful to my mat and the space around me for allowing me to “be in the moment”.
The practice of yoga is pretty ancient! The exact date is not known but some historians believe that yoga dates back to the Stone Age time period.  Imagine that — cavemen doing downward facing dog or cobra poses ;).  No matter when yoga first began I am very happy that it did.  It rarely requires equipment either — yoga mat or the floor or any safe surface.  Oh and some quiet won’t hurt either ?.
Yoga can be done inside in front of the tv through a dvd or fitness channel on on-demand, at a yoga studio with an instructor and other yogis (I’ve done both and love them equally) or outside with an instructor and other yogis or by yourself.  I really want to try yoga outside (Spring or early summer or early autumn –for our Mid Atlantic residents).  I hope to try this in the very near future (Spring sounds nice). 
I find that yoga allows me to work on being kind to myself and others. It also allows me to honor where I am at that exact moment in my life (whether it’s how I planned it or not).  Yoga will teach you to trust the journey and just breathe.

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