Beautifully Broken

“Think how seriously it is to be alive on this cold December evening, in this beautifully broken world.” Powerful right?! I went to yoga tonight and that quote resonated with me. My yoga instructor said this beautifully at the end of class tonight. 

Think about it — “…how seriously it is to be alive..”, to be present, in the moment. Honestly, life is hard and confusing at times and all will lose our way but In those moments you see just how beautiful life can really be even in the midst of everything going on. When you lose your way and cannot seem to escape the darkness, use the stars to lead you home.

 “…on this cold December evening, in this beautifully broken world.” It’s in the middle of December and in the Mid-Atlantic states that means cold! December also means holidays! Holidays everywhere — in the store, on tv, on people’s houses, EVERYWHERE! I do not know about you but holidays stress me out and make me anxious. Buying gift, getting everything in order and just the anticipation and expectation of it all. Those feelings of stress and anxiety allows this beautifully broken world to reveal itself. Those feelings bring out the not so good parts of myself or others during this time of the year. Stress and anxiety happen when we feel as if we do not have control over our lives or what is happening to us. While that is somewhat true we have the power to control how we react to life. Which leads to another one of my favorite quotes — “Life is 10% what happens to you and 90% how you react to it.”

Yoga is a natural and healthy stress and anxiety releaver and also allows you to see the peace in the world which is something hidden behind everyone’s busy lives. I know that I get very busy sometimes that I forget to stop and smell the roses and go just ‘be’. Life will do that to you, it sometimes gets us off track and will make us lose sight on what really matters. It is during those times that you need to stop and just ‘be’ and to remember what matters. What matters is being alive and sharing your life with the ones that love you, the other things do not matter. Yoga will teach you to be grateful and to be still in a beautifully broken world. 

I am excited to continue to work on my yoga practice and learn more lessons such as the one I learned tonight and have the ability to share with you what I have learned.

Just be. Namaste.

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