Be The Best You!

This is it! I have decided to finally start working on becoming the best possible version of myself. I have decided to take the next step 💪🏾. I want share my goals with everyone in the hopes that putting myself out there will also motivate others.
1. Accountability — holding myself accountable for eating right and keeping up with my workouts.
2. Motivating others — I want others to be able to achieve their fitness goals too, whatever they may be. I want people to look at my progress and say “If you can do it, I can do it.” I believe that helping others also helps ourselves.
I tried this program for the first time in April of last year then again in May of the same year to get ready for vacation☀️. Both times I was rather impressed with the results but this third time around I am more amazed. Third times a charm🙊. I am on my last week of my third round of #21dayfix and I have FINALLY defeated my portion demon. I have always struggled with portion control and this program has been a life saver. You get 7 days of 30 min workouts for 21 days and not to mention pretty containers to help with portion control😉. Want to know more about 21 Day Fix and how it can help you too? I’d be happy to hear from you! Email me: tajuanapaige86@gmail.com

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