Be The Best You!

This is it! I have decided to finally start working on becoming the best possible version of myself. I have decided to take the next step ??. I want share my goals with everyone in the hopes that putting myself out there will also motivate others.
1. Accountability — holding myself accountable for eating right and keeping up with my workouts.
2. Motivating others — I want others to be able to achieve their fitness goals too, whatever they may be. I want people to look at my progress and say “If you can do it, I can do it.” I believe that helping others also helps ourselves.
I tried this program for the first time in April of last year then again in May of the same year to get ready for vacation☀️. Both times I was rather impressed with the results but this third time around I am more amazed. Third times a charm?. I am on my last week of my third round of #21dayfix and I have FINALLY defeated my portion demon. I have always struggled with portion control and this program has been a life saver. You get 7 days of 30 min workouts for 21 days and not to mention pretty containers to help with portion control?. Want to know more about 21 Day Fix and how it can help you too? I’d be happy to hear from you! Email me: tajuanapaige86@gmail.com

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