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Antipesto Kabobs

It’s that time of the year again and the Holidays are upon us. Which means you better get your hosting pants on quickly!! If you’re not hosting then you’ll most likely be a guest. Hosting and guesting always has one common thread–>FOOD!! What can I say?! It brings people together :).

Antipesto Kabobs
3 – 5 slices deli-style Genoa Salami
3 – 5 slices deli-style Smoked Ham
3 – 5 slices deli-style provolone cheese 
1 Cocktail Onion (each kabob)
Roasted Red Peppers; sliced into one-inch pieces (each kabob)
1 Kalamata Olive (each kabob)
1 Pimiento-Stuffed Spanish Olive (each kabob)
1 Pepperoncini Pepper (each kabob)
Drizzle of Olive Oil
Drizzle of Red Wine Vinegar
1. Layer 1 slice each of salami, ham and cheese. Roll tightly and then refrigerate for 1 hour. Cut slices into bite-size pieces.
2. Thread each skewer with Pepperoncini Pepper, Roasted Red Bell Pepper, Kalamata Olive, Cocktail Onion, Meat and Cheese rolls, another Roasted Red Pepper and Pimiento-Stuffed Spanish Olive.
3. Put skewers in a baking dish. Drizzle with Olive Oil and Red Wine Vinegar. Cove and refrigerate for 1 hour. 
4. Transfer to serving dish. Enjoy!!!

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