We have all heard of the 80/20 rule in the terms of relationships. Most times you get 80% of what you DO like and 20% of what you do NOT like. Let’s be honest — nothing in life is perfect. Not relationships and especially not us perfectly flawed humans ;)! 
Our food intake isn’t perfect either! I have cheat days and I slip up by eating foods that I KNOW are better left untouched than being consumed. 
We all have relationships in life — from family, personal, intimate, friendships, dating, etc. But the one relationship that is the hardest for most people is their relationship with food! I have been through the wringer with food!
In the past I struggled with eating disorders. I have a love/hate relationship with food. In the present moment it’s better than it was in the past but some days I still struggle with it and I honestly believe that I always will. It will always be a part of me. 
To understand my love/hate relationship I started becoming more conscious and aware of when those feelings of love and hate were the strongest. This is what I have concluded –> I get really excited when I’m out to eat and my food comes to the table :). It’s like Christmas Day as a child. When I am stressed or sad, I will, most times turn to food. Recently, I have been training myself to not always go that route anymore and to turn to working out when I am feeling stressed or sad. 
I realized that I wasn’t eating the right portions. I was eating way too much because either I wanted the food to comfort me or I was really excited and had to have all of it plus a lot more! These realizations prompted me to do more research on the subject matter. 
I just recently read about this — the 90/10 rule. I have heard about it before but never gave it much thought. Ironically, (more so recently), I have already been incorporating this into my life and I didn’t even know it! 
90% healthy, clean eating and 10% not so healthy, clean eating. A little indulgence never hurt anyone. Notice how I said a little. We are meant to enjoy our lives while we still can. Sure, things happen but why add more pain to our lives via our main staple — FOOD!! No need to! Treat yourself every now and then. I do my “treat myself” days on the weekends, either Friday night or sometime during the day on Saturday. Then back to healthy, clean eating Sunday through Thursday and part of Friday. 
What helps me the most is meal prepping!!! This has been the most successful skill for me when it comes to maintaining a healthy relationship with food. I meal prep on Sunday to last through midweek then again midweek to last through the remaining days of the week. This past Sunday, I literally made dinners to last me until tomorrow or Thursday, so I actually did more than I usually do. This actually helped me a lot because I have a ton of leftovers for lunches as well. The only things that I make the night of and not during meal prepping are my sides. I will make a different side for each dinner and I end up having leftovers for lunch as well :). I make a grocery list and most times I stick to my list. Then come home and wash my fruit and produce so they are easily accessible for consumption and after that I begin prepping my meats for the week. I’m on Pinterest a lot, my new FIXATE cookbook or this new site that I just recently discovered — damndelicious.net. In my pasts posts, I have shared recipes from her site. She has the BEST recipes on there! You should check it out whenever you get a chance.
It’s also important to incorporate a workout with your 90/10 rule. I do at least 30 minutes a day of a workout of my choice. I give myself 1 to 2 days that I rest because your body needs time to rest and recover, as well as your mind! So I workout out 5 to 6 days a week for at least 30 minutes and abide by the 90/10 rule in the kitchen. I try to switch my workouts up A LOT so I don’t get bored mentally, which will make me want to throw in the towel. I also do it for my muscles so that different ones are engaged, not the same ones constantly. I do a lot of Beachbody at home workouts — 21 Day Fix (my favorite program, I’ve had so much success!), Brazil Butt Lift and P90XPLUS. When I want to switch my workouts up, I walk or run. I also enjoy yoga ($6 community yoga does a body good!). It’s nice to have various options to choose from!

I hope this helps, if you are struggling with having a healthy relationship with food. I just want people to know that they are not alone in their struggles.

“We are no good to others, until we are first good to ourselves.”

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