30 Minutes

That’s all it takes! 30 minutes to get a good, even a GREAT work out in!! After the day that I had today, the last thing that I wanted to do was come home in the pouring, freezing, cold rain and WORK OUT! But I did it, I stopped talking myself out it and just DID IT! And I am glad that I did. 30 minutes was all it took at the gym (my equipment of choice tonight was the stationary bike) then some planks afterwards. I wish more people would truly understand the benefits of working out and what it does for you, it can literally change your mood, for the better. When I done (after I sweated all of my bad karma out from the day), I felt 1,000 times better! Working out just has that affect on me and I hope to encourage others with my future workout posts.

Your body does so much for you. Show a little gratitude, if just for 30 minutes.

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